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#175 – How to break out of the feeling of stress with the healing practice “Chi Nei Tsang”

Warren Buttery is a teacher of yoga and the healing practice “Chi Nei Tsang”. His journey started as a volunteer of humanitarian services in crisis areas such as Afghanistan or African countries. It was his own declining health that helped him understand the connection about emotional and physical pain. Emotions are stored in our organs, […]

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#167: How inner work creates mental flow – with the Soul Doctors

The Soul Doctors are helping people and businesses who have an impact on the world to shed their limiting believes and fulfill their potential. I talk with the founders about their own journey from a “business-heavy” existence to finally live their spirituality in daily life and teaching it to others. Their program is showing people […]

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#160 – From Miss Switzerland to the Seeker of truth – Mahara Mckay’s way to find her truth

Mahara Mckay is a Senker of truth. She was Miss Switzerland 2000 but this is not the truth she want’s to live. After she left Newzealand she started her journey to her truth. Now she is acilitor of Tantric & Shamanic Arts, Yoga, Meditation & Dance for empowerment, personal growth, authenticity, transformation & love. Why […]

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