#175 – How to break out of the feeling of stress with the healing practice “Chi Nei Tsang”

Warren Buttery is a teacher of yoga and the healing practice “Chi Nei Tsang”. His journey started as a volunteer of humanitarian services in crisis areas such as Afghanistan or African countries. It was his own declining health that helped him understand the connection about emotional and physical pain. Emotions are stored in our organs, which can be released by the Chi Nei Tsang massage and other methods. 

Now, he committed his life to Chi Nei Tsang and yoga on the island Koh Phangan in Thailand. He gives Chi Nei Tsang massages to people but also teaches them how to feel the energies again and understand what’s going on in their bodies.

You’ll learn:

  • what emotions can cause lower spine pain (despite from sitting to much)
  • why connecting to your past can relieve stored pain
  • the thousands-year-old history of yoga, chinese medicine and Chi Nei Tsang
  • which organs hold the most common energies such as sadness, happiness, anger, fear, courage etc. and how to relieve them
  • how to break out of the feeling of stress and find peace and feel alive again


Connect to Warren and learn more about Chi Nei Tsang: https://web.facebook.com/HealingAnywherehttps://www.instagram.com/healingwithwarrenanywhere/

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