#167: How inner work creates mental flow – with the Soul Doctors

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The Soul Doctors are helping people and businesses who have an impact on the world to shed their limiting believes and fulfill their potential. I talk with the founders about their own journey from a “business-heavy” existence to finally live their spirituality in daily life and teaching it to others. Their program is showing people pragmatically how to use daily obstacles for their personal growth and their holistic wellbeing.

You’ll learn in this Episode:

  • how Souldoctors’ program can help you thrive and why it is the fast track to personal development
  • the most common obstacles of people in live and business and what you can do about it
  • why energy work alone might not solve your personal problems in the long run
  • how inner work creates mental flow and stressless productivity
  • Souldoctors’ 10-years-vision for new systems of living
  • Souldoctors’ simple biohacks for every day
  • why “don’t worry be happy” seems to be for lazy people, but has a pretty deep meaning actually


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